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mea project

It was a dream,
It's Real!

We are here for you to have a realized project.

The best for your projects;

  1. Strategic Communication
  2. Consultancy
  3. PR
  4. Project Coordinator
  5. Content Management
  6. Organization Design
  7. Fashion – Fashion show
  8. Media Consulting

  9. Promotional Films

  10. TV Ads

  11. Hotel Ads

  12. Destination Ads

  13. Destination Weddings

  14. VIP and Corporate Event Management

  15. Destination Management

We offer our services to you…

irem kavak
irem kavak 2

We Are MEA

Meaproject, which has managed to become one of the most preferred agencies in the fields of promotion and communication by undersigning many vital projects since its establishment, has completed more than 100 projects, each more valuable than the other. Our agency, which produces innovative ideas with its team of professionals, each with knowledge and experience in their own field, has been awarded more than 10 awards.


Meaproject, headquartered in Istanbul and continuing its activities under the management of its founder İrem Kavak, provides services in media consultancy, promotional films, TV advertisements, hotel promotions, organization, and project management. Meaproject, which analyzes each project on the basis of the dynamics in its own sector, provides significant advantages to its customers by realizing untested ideas.


Meaproject, which adopts the principle of creating the unique by acting with the motto “everything starts with an idea” in its works, aims to bring a new perspective to life with ideas beyond dreams. Our team, which continues its training activities uninterruptedly in order to follow all the developments in technology and communication from moment to moment, produces complete and perfect services for both private individuals and corporate companies.



As important as it is to produce quality products or services today, it is equally important to introduce them to large masses of people. For this reason, our young and dynamic team, which aims to take its customers one step further by preparing projects beyond dreams with innovative ideas in advertising and promotional activities, undeniably reveals the privileged service quality in each project.



Our team, which succeeds in raising customer prestige to the highest levels by signing organizations that are meticulously planned, makes your special days and nights unforgettable by making complete and trouble-free plans. Our company, which produces innovative ideas by working with its expert staff who have years of knowledge in advertising and promotion, without making any time and place separation, also carries out unique projects in the field of social media consultancy.



Our team, which ensures that you are constantly on the agenda in social media with short introductions, striking spots, and graphics prepared in accordance with the requirements of the internet age, also carries out the PR studies of companies that are looking for an exit with great care, makes all analyzes about the sector in a complete way and presents all the information that businesses will need in a report.

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Satisfaction of Our Customers

Thanks to you, we cheerfully celebrated my son’s birthday. We loved all the attractions.

Kylie Rogers

Kylie Rogers

Social Worker

Thank you for the bright emotions. I want to come to you again, and I recommend it to everyone!

Peter Parker

Peter Parker

Designer, CEO

Thank you for an unforgettable holiday! My children are very happy and want to come again.

Amy Weinstein

Amy Weinstein


Yesterday I went with friends to the amusement park. Thank you for the sea of emotions!

Alise Bright

Art Director

Yesterday I went with friends to the amusement park. Thank you for the sea of emotions!

Ethan Bright

Ethan Bright

Art Director