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Strategic communication consultancy is one of the most important services received by companies or individuals who want to make their name heard in the best way. Strategic communication consultancy is the name given to the professional studies carried out in order to reach the best point in communication, to ensure that a brand, service or product is delivered to large masses and to ensure that all of them are more demanded by the target audience. Strategic communication consultancy is always a service offered to individuals.

What is Strategic Communication Consulting?

Strategic communication consultancy is the name given to all the works that contribute to the recognition and appreciation of a brand or institution. For this purpose, it develops the social and target audience-oriented relationship and communication stages and ensures that they are put into practice. In the strategic communication consultancy service, studies focused on the business results of the customers are always carried out and the right communication strategies are prepared.

Accordingly, strategic communication consultants always undertake works that will increase the reputation of their customers and ensure that their names are announced in the best way possible. At the same time, within the scope of this service, outstanding and high-quality communication models are created for social stakeholders and target audience. All these developed strategies and models are always at a scale that can be revised according to the course of daily life.

What Does the Strategic Communication Consultancy Service Include?

Today, many companies and brand owners, who want to introduce themselves in the best way and reach the target audience in the best way, prefer to receive strategic communication consultancy services. In this way, the road to success and goals is shortened considerably. In this context, strategic communication consultancy service generally includes;

Organizing the communication activities of the customers
Managing event and identity studies in the best way
Developing a website that is suitable for its customers
Ensuring that the created website content is always up to date
Creating projects suitable for customers in social networks
Carrying out social media activities
Always follow the written and visual media
Preparing the necessary texts for interviews or press releases when necessary
Carrying out all similar projects such as advertising, social responsibility projects, events and sponsorships
Working on public relations activities
Preparing communication activity reports and presenting them to customers on a weekly or monthly basis

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