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Strategic Communication
The Mea project provides solutions for business leaders facing critical financial
regulatory and reputational challenges, We provide comprehensive
communication solutions that include public relations, government affairs,
investor relations and crisis management. Our services enable organizations to
manage risk, capture opportunities and achieve successful outcomes. Our goal is
to help our clients navigate the complex communications landscape and achieve
their objectives.
Corporate Reputation
Organizations operate in a complex and globally interconnected landscape
where information is difficult to control, perceptions develop quickly, and issues
move rapidly. These changing market forces and external disruptors make
reputation management critical for organizations that want to operate effectively
and remain competitive. Whether you need to reposition your company, build its
profile as a market leader, or attract or retain talent. Our multi-stakeholder
campaigns build confidence, enhance positioning and elicit action among key
stakeholder groups. We help organizations define and promote their corporate
narrative and elevate their brand when threatened by internal or external
Our Corporate engagement process involves –
● Stakeholder Identification, Mapping & Engagement
● Messaging & Organizational Positioning Strategy
● Environmental, Social & Governance Strategy
● Executive Communications & Thought Leadership
● Reputation Research & Insights
● Media Relations & Intelligence
● Media Training & Presentation Coaching
And many more as per the client requirements
Crisis Communications
At Mea Communications we provide crucial strategic counseling on customized
and coordinated data covering all internal and external event related
communications during the time of crisis ensuring stability in corporate reputation
and enterprise values. We help companies prepare and anticipate adequately for
all kinds of crisis situations.
Corporate Crisis solutions process involves
● Situation assessment
● Scenario planning
● Crisis communications management plan
● Stakeholder and media engagement plan
● Communications mobilization
● Training and testing
● Litigation Communications
● Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
We Ensure protection of your organization’s brand, valuation, and reputation.
Managing the crisis with active communications for accurate representation of
facts in the media and by other third parties. Continue flow of engagement with
stakeholders to strengthen relationships and gain credibility. Our team works
closely with advisors and legal counsel reducing legal and political
consequences. We help business continuity by managing the crisis so
corporations can ensure further business growth and development.
Digital Footprint & Insights
Mea Communications helps setup organizations’ primary communications
strategy to reach your target audience with the right message and right content at
the right time. We help identify target audiences by involving customized process
which includes
● Media planning and purchasing
● Identifying Target Market Selection
● Determination of Media Purposes
● Determination of Media Tools
● Understanding Media Timing
● Develop key demographics and characteristics research
● Understanding Governance structures and compliance protocols
● Multiple programs for Audience and Influencer identification and
● Critical Data and insights analysis
● Digital and traditional media advertising
● Reputational and crisis management, including crisis simulations
Public & Government Affairs
Mea Communications helps develop public and government relations strategies
in coordination with executive teams, board of directors, and their legal advisors,
ensuring minimal consequences due to inter-governmental tensions, civil society
organizations, and international institutions. We constantly assess political
landscapes to manage and mitigate risks that threaten company value,
reputation and character of executive teams in capital markets, commercial
markets and courts.
Our strategic public & government Affairs procedure includes
● Integrated Media Solutions
● Civic and public engagement solutions
● Direct advocacy with policy makers
● Policy research and political intelligence
Our professional counseling helps clients in the areas of changes in regulations
and legislations, government approvals, arbitrations, litigations and government

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